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Script Writing

It’s been said that the difference between life and a video is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn’t. Writing a great script isn’t always easy, yet capturing the right tone while conveying your message is something we pride ourselves on and probably why clients continuously hire us to write promo videos, explainer videos, app videos, crowdfunding videos, films and web series.


A great director can be the difference between a video that’s just ok and a video that captivates and converts. At Lamplighter Studios we’ve directed promo videos, crowdfunding videos, films and everything else in between. We have the experience and know-how to capture the perfect tone and performance for your next video project. Watch our showreel here.


You name it, we’ve shot it. From single camera setups to elaborate multi-cam setups, we have the gear and expertise to get the perfect shot. Using state of the art equipment, we can shoot in glorious 4k or go full retro and shoot with film. Your audience is hungry, so why not give them some tasty eye candy. Watch our showreel here.

Aerial Videography

With the advent of drones, it’s never been easier or cheaper to capture those epic aerial shots. Whether it’s an establishing shot or just some fantastic looking b-roll you’re after, aerial videography instantly increases the production value of your video and is something every client should consider.


Editing is not only about shaping a story, but also about retaining your viewers’ attention and effectively communicating your ideas through perfect pace and flow. Lamplighter Studios foundation was built upon digital video editing and something that still excites us to this day! With experience editing most every type of project, we have the perfect blend of creativity and technical know-how to edit your project into something spectacular. Watch our showreel here.


More than just goofy animals hitting each other over the head, animation is an effective tool to engage with your audience in a fun and informative way. Whether it’s a 3D animated explainer video you’re after or just some 2D motion graphics to enhance your live action video, we’ve moved pixels for clients from around the globe. Watch a great example of an animated video that we produced here.

Colour Grading

No matter how good your shot footage is, it’ll always look dull and lifeless until it’s colour corrected and graded. Whether it’s matching the lighting of shots filmed at different times of the day or creating artistic colour effects to set a mood, colour grading is a powerful tool that can truly enhance the beauty of your final product. Watch our colour reel here.

Voiceover Recording

A great voiceover is only as good as it’s recording. That’s why we use some of the best audio equipment in our acoustically treated studio to capture all the inflections, intonations and subtleties of a great voiceover performance. Working with some of the industries best voiceover artists, we’ll bring your script to life in glorious high fidelity and elevate your project to the next level. Watch a great example of a voiceover that we recorded here.

Sound Design & Mixing

Has there ever been a more perfect marriage than audio and video? At lamplighter Studios we think not. Great sound design and mixing can not only help bring your video to life by making visuals more interesting and convincing, but also elevate the professionalism of your project and maintain viewer’s retention. Watch our audio reel here.

Music Production

For as long as we’ve been producing videos, we’ve been making music and that’s probably no coincidence since the production process are surprisingly similar. From film/web series soundtracks to writing and recording songs for clients, we love to use our ears instead of eyes from time to time. Listen to some of our work here.

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