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Promo & Explainer Videos

With video accounting for almost 75% of all online traffic, it’s never been more important for your company to connect with customers through this popular visual medium. Whether you need a video for online or offline, we’ll help you create ingenious videos to educate your customers on your brand, product or event. More than a trend, a well crafted video improves awareness, drives sales and increases customer engagement. Watch a great example of a promo video that we produced here.

Animated Videos

Want to stand out from the crowd? Use animation to tell your story in a fun, yet effective way. The key here is setting the tone, framing the problem and offering a solution while creating interesting visuals… and if you’re into it, adding some humour without going too far. Watch a great example of an animated video that we produced here.

App Videos

Visitors who watch an app store video are 3x more likely to install and that’s a fact. So if you don’t have a video for your app yet, what are you waiting for? Our team can help show off your apps features, tell your story in 30 seconds and optimize the video for Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore while adhering to their strict guidelines so there’s no rejection or hurt feelings. Watch a great example of an app video that we produced here.

Crowdfunding Videos

Whether you’re crowdfunding your latest product or passion project, having a stellar pitch video is extremely important for your crowdfunding success. Campaigns that have a video are 85% more likely to succeed than those that don’t and that’s reason enough to make video an integral part of your crowdfunding strategy. At Lamplighter Studios we have the experience to engage your audience and help reach your funding goals! Watch a great example of a crowdfunding video that we produced here.

Event Videos

Hosting your next event, but worried if people will show up? A video can give people a glimpse into the event they’re considering attending and easily shift them from a viewer to an attendee. We’ll candidly capture guest speakers, attendee testimonials and event highlights, then package it in a stylish yet informative video that’s easy to promote through social media or Google Adwords.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be 1000x more powerful! That’s what we believe at Lamplighter Studios and why we’ve been creating compelling audio & video for well over 15 years. During that time, we’ve worked with clients from around the globe and helped them connect with their audience through high quality audio & visual mediums. Whether you’re a startup looking to create your first app video, a large company in need of a promo video to market your latest product, or an artist wishing to elevate your film or video project, we’ll help you achieve your goals while exceeding expectations. Wearing many different flaming hats is what we do best!


Discuss Project

Communication is key, so getting to know you and your unique needs is very important to us! At this stage we’ll learn about your company, products or services, target audience and intended use for the video. After that we’ll dig a little bit deeper to find out video length, content and if you’ll need things such as animation, motion graphics, actors, voiceover etc.

Free Estimate

Upon discussing your project we’ll put together a clear and concise estimate that will throughly outline all the services we’ll provide and their expected costs. Once the estimate is agreed to, we’ll ask you to sign a standard service agreement that protects both parties. We’re all about simplicity and transparency, so rest assured that you won’t find any legal jargon here.


After the initial deposit, this is where the fun begins! Concepts, scripts, style frames, storyboards, auditions, location scouting, scheduling and crewing up all happen here. This is a very creative and collaborative process, so your input is always welcome… after all it’s your video we’re making.


And action! Production is where we take all our ideas and turn them into reality. If your video is live action, then filming commences. If it’s animated, then pixels start moving. Our goal is to turn everything we have on paper into beautiful moving images that captivate an audience… but we’re not done yet.


Much like a diamond, a video isn’t ready to be viewed until it’s been cut and polished. At this stage we’ll edit the raw footage into a rough cut and then refine with your input. Once you’re happy with the look, feel and flow of the video, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Motion graphics, colour grading, voiceover recording, music, sound design and mixing are all important steps that add to the overall professionalism and quality of the video.


Your video is just about ready and you can’t wait for everyone to see it, but there’s one final important step… compression. This is where the video is optimized to play on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Apple App Store or DVD. Each platform has different requirements and your video needs to meet those before views can convert into sales or downloads.


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“We loved working with Lamplighter Studios. They have intelligent video editors, bring brilliant ideas to the table and are packed with amazing skills! We are definitely hiring them again for upcoming projects!” – Skubana

Great responsiveness, high professionalism and absolutely excellent results… even on super short notice!” – Roche

“Lamplighter Studios created an app store video for us and we are very happy with the finished project. They were extremely professional, flexible, fast and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend.” – Deviate Labs